On identity

Identity is a funny old thing. The what, the who, the why. In my simplistic view I just happen to believe we live in a country called Scotland and that the people who live here shouldn’t have to share their sovereignty with anyone if they don’t wish to. I believe that we are party to an international treaty where some bods in the distant past chose to (mistakenly) give away a large part of that sovereignty and that over the past sixty or so years especially that lack of total sovereignty has served our electorate very poorly indeed against the authority of an entrenched, self interested, corrupt, elitist establishment. I believe that no one, anywhere else on this planet will make better or more informed decisions on the governance of Scotland than the people who live here. That no one will make better use of our resources and talents than we will and more importantly that no one else should.

Its called independence and whether that’s on a personal or collective basis, its the most natural thing in the world. To stand on your own two feet, make the best of yourself that you can and hold own amongst your peers in an interdependent world.